Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Back Again

Well here I am again.. Not much to tell you this week, been a slow week cause I had a cold and couldn't be bothered with anything.. I am sure you have felt that way from time to time.lol ..I did sell 10 dolls on e-bay in the last couple of weeks which was great..BUT now I have to replace them with some new ones for the next market which is the 20th of September. I have made a couple, but I am trying some new things like Coat hanger Safes, which I will show you when I have finished them.. Went to spotlight yesterday but the rotten buggers were shut for stock take..How dare they. LOL A few pics above of the dolls I have made..The Girl on the Moonbeam I made for a friend for her 50th birthday.. Catch ya all next time..
Keep Safe Tracey

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