Thursday, 16 April 2009

April Already

Well another couple of months have passed so quickly..The older you get the faster the years seems to go by too
I have been making more dolls and trying to tidy my craft room, which is not getting any tidier..
I have recently been to Port Pirie on holidays and while I was there I met up with an internet friend, Kirrily.. I was very nervous at first but it was great having a sticky beak around her home.. She has a wonderful display of her crafts everywhere.. I wish I had a bigger house so I could put more of my stuff out.. Photos are of a couple of dolls I have made to sell..
Well I am off to the surgeon tomorrow for the first time to find out about the banding.I must admit I am a bit nervous. I am hoping to have it in June after the long weekend. I have a large 3 day Craft market to do that weekend so I have waited a year a few more months wont kill
Well catch ya all soon

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