Monday, 13 September 2010

Fantastic Market

Well what a wonderful day we had..I was a bit worried as the weather man had said rain all week but it was a beautiful day.. I sold most of my new dolls. So I will be very busy getting ready for the 2 day market on November the 20th and 21st.. Have a couple of orders to do, but I will also be making as many Christmas dolls as I can..
I have just been making more fridge magnets as I sold out of them..
Our Scout Leader has only 5 week to go till she has her baby so I wish her all the best for a pain free delivery..Hmm is there such a thing!!
The film crew from Ace TV will be there next market so we will be on
TV in 2011..
If you live in Adelaide please come down and support our scout group..
I will update you will all the new dolls I make as I don them..
Stay Safe

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Time to relax!! Yer right!!

Well wouldn't it be nice to relax.. I still have a few more markets to do for this year so I am going to be a busy
I have a market this Saturday then another 2 for the Scout Hall Markets and another 3 in between.. They say that there's no rest for the wicked.. hmm does that include me!!
The photos are some of the dolls I have made since the last market.. I am going to start making Christmas Goodies next week so that should be fun!! Just another reminder how close Xmas is..
I want to thank all the great doll designers out there who allow us to use there patterns to make our dolls..
I just love making dolls and don't know what I will do when the arthritis gets so bad I can sew. Might have to teach
well of to do more sewing..
Dont forget if you are down this way stop in and say hello
Catch Ya soon
Stay Safe

Friday, 18 June 2010

Salisbury Craft Fair

I have just completed a 3 day market at the Parafield Gardens recreation Centre and I am totally wiped out, physically and stock wise.LOL
I had a great weekend and met some lovely people.. I will be busy for a while as I have 2 orders for the doll to the right and a witch to do, then I will be trying to replace the dolls I sold befor my next market in 5 weeks.
Good thing I love what I do.
I cant see myself ever getting sick of making dolls..
To all the bitchy people who asked me how much I made and then didn't believe me.
Get a life and stop being so bitchy!!!!
Don't forget to visit me at the
Scout Hall Craft Markets.
Information below..


My name is Tracey and I run a Craft Market for the Manor Farm Scout Group here in South Australia. We are just a small group trying to keep our doors open..
I have adding some Photos below for you to get an idea of the market. Stalls are changing all the time, so come along and have a chat. We have a wide variety of new and handmade goods for sale.


If you live in the area Come join the fun - approximately 30 stalls
FREE entry

The market dates left for 2010 are

September 11th
November 20th

Stay Safe

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

WOW July already!!

Well hasnt this year gone quickly? Above are a couple of new dolls I made for a 3 day market I did, which was a great success.. The little lavender chooks are always a great seller at $2 each so I made 70 of them and only came home with 17..
I have had a busy few months with markets and my Lap Band operation which I had done on the 18th of June.
I started out at 109.5 kilos and am now down to 97.5. Doctor said a great weight for me would be 75 so a way to go yet..
Cant wait to buy all those new
It is our 20th wedding anniversary in November and Luke is buying me a ruby eternity ring so I will be hopefully buying a new evening dress to celebrate in...
Well better go have my lunch now.. Catch Ya all soon..
Please Keep Safe..

Thursday, 16 April 2009

April Already

Well another couple of months have passed so quickly..The older you get the faster the years seems to go by too
I have been making more dolls and trying to tidy my craft room, which is not getting any tidier..
I have recently been to Port Pirie on holidays and while I was there I met up with an internet friend, Kirrily.. I was very nervous at first but it was great having a sticky beak around her home.. She has a wonderful display of her crafts everywhere.. I wish I had a bigger house so I could put more of my stuff out.. Photos are of a couple of dolls I have made to sell..
Well I am off to the surgeon tomorrow for the first time to find out about the banding.I must admit I am a bit nervous. I am hoping to have it in June after the long weekend. I have a large 3 day Craft market to do that weekend so I have waited a year a few more months wont kill
Well catch ya all soon

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Well Hello
Another year has started and already we have the unthinkable tragedy of the Victorian Fires. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has lost something or some one in these fires.
To anyone out there who thinks it is great to start fires and ruin peoples lives I just hope your pubic hair catches on fire!!!!Sorry about that anger took over..

Well what have I been doing lately?? apart from trying to keep cool. Not much at
I sold over 20 dolls on E-bay before xmas so I have been trying to replace some of those before my next market in March..
Pictured above are a few I have made so far..

March 14th
May 2nd
July 18th
September 12th
November 21st
If you are anywhere near Salisbury East, South Australia come on by and say hello its free!!

I would also like to wish my friend Laura Ann a speedy recovery.
Well catch ya next time.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Done for this year

Well I did my last market for this year today and I must say I am glad to have a break..
I did really well and had a good time but I am worn out.. above are some of my latest dolls..
The next market I will do will be in March, hopefully this will give me time to clean my craft room up. LOL
I am going to list some of my dolls on Ebay this week, hopefully I will sell some so I can make some new ones from some of the hundreds of patterns I have purchased this year.. I am really looking forward to doing something new next year not sure what yet but it will be a big year for me and I hope to have a different outlook on life after my operation.
Some sad news now!!
I must update you on my friends Joey that I told you about in a previous blog, Maisie.
The poor little thing had to be put down Wednesday.
It was a very sad day, she just couldn't come back from her injuries..

My Weight Journey