Monday, 13 September 2010

Fantastic Market

Well what a wonderful day we had..I was a bit worried as the weather man had said rain all week but it was a beautiful day.. I sold most of my new dolls. So I will be very busy getting ready for the 2 day market on November the 20th and 21st.. Have a couple of orders to do, but I will also be making as many Christmas dolls as I can..
I have just been making more fridge magnets as I sold out of them..
Our Scout Leader has only 5 week to go till she has her baby so I wish her all the best for a pain free delivery..Hmm is there such a thing!!
The film crew from Ace TV will be there next market so we will be on
TV in 2011..
If you live in Adelaide please come down and support our scout group..
I will update you will all the new dolls I make as I don them..
Stay Safe

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Time to relax!! Yer right!!

Well wouldn't it be nice to relax.. I still have a few more markets to do for this year so I am going to be a busy
I have a market this Saturday then another 2 for the Scout Hall Markets and another 3 in between.. They say that there's no rest for the wicked.. hmm does that include me!!
The photos are some of the dolls I have made since the last market.. I am going to start making Christmas Goodies next week so that should be fun!! Just another reminder how close Xmas is..
I want to thank all the great doll designers out there who allow us to use there patterns to make our dolls..
I just love making dolls and don't know what I will do when the arthritis gets so bad I can sew. Might have to teach
well of to do more sewing..
Dont forget if you are down this way stop in and say hello
Catch Ya soon
Stay Safe

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