Tuesday, 7 July 2009

WOW July already!!

Well hasnt this year gone quickly? Above are a couple of new dolls I made for a 3 day market I did, which was a great success.. The little lavender chooks are always a great seller at $2 each so I made 70 of them and only came home with 17..
I have had a busy few months with markets and my Lap Band operation which I had done on the 18th of June.
I started out at 109.5 kilos and am now down to 97.5. Doctor said a great weight for me would be 75 so a way to go yet..
Cant wait to buy all those new clothes.lol.
It is our 20th wedding anniversary in November and Luke is buying me a ruby eternity ring so I will be hopefully buying a new evening dress to celebrate in...
Well better go have my lunch now.. Catch Ya all soon..
Please Keep Safe..

My Weight Journey